Now that my run is over I felt like I had achieved a great goal by raising so much money for the MS Society. I felt like I needed a change; so I cut my hair! It’s amazing how a haircut can make you feel so good and happy :-) Now that my run is over I felt like I had achieved a great goal by raising so much money for the MS Society. I felt like I needed a change; so I cut my hair! It’s amazing how a haircut can make you feel so good and happy :-)

Now that my run is over I felt like I had achieved a great goal by raising so much money for the MS Society. I felt like I needed a change; so I cut my hair! It’s amazing how a haircut can make you feel so good and happy :-)

So it was the big day on Saturday – my 5K run. The weather was on my side and the sun shined whilst I was running. I had planned in my head that it would take me at least an hour to complete the run; however I surprised myself on the day and completed it in just 36 minutes. I really need to thank my cousin Shil for running by my side as he really kept me going and motivated me. The run was at Roundhay Park in Leeds. I had so many family members there on the day to cheer me on – My mum, hubby, son, sister in-laws, granny, aunties and cousins.

We managed to finish the 1st Km in just 6 minutes. That’s when I started to feel like I had rodents running under my skin, my face and arm started spasming. My cousin kept telling to focus on my breathing and enjoy the scenery. He kept taking photos whilst we were running – some I’ll post on here.

Once we got to 3Km my left foot had gone numb and I was burning all over. At one point we had to run past all our supporters and it was such a nice feeling seeing them all there cheering us on.

Another thing that really kept me motivated was the amount of money that I have raised, such kind and generous people have helped me to reach a goal of £3100+.

I am so very grateful for everyone that has sponsored me.


After the run, once we got home the heavens opened up and it rained so heavily!! I was lucky to get the sunshine in the morning.

I then took a quick ice cold bath and had a hot shower. My legs then caved in and I found it so hard to walk!! It’s now Sunday and the legs are feeling slightly better.

My left foot is still really numb but I’m sure it will all die down eventually.

I have a couple of days booked off work so I can unwind and relax as my body definitely needs it.

This brings me onto the next topic I wanted to talk about. I have to say that I am a very lucky lady and work with a fabulous team. The girls at work (with the help of my handsome hubby) surprised me with a Swedish massage as they thought I’d need pampering after my run. I really can’t wait to chill and get pampered. So a big thanks to Vix, Gemma B, Jojo, Shelley, Sharon, Rosie and Gemma L. 


My run is next Saturday, less than 1 week to go - it’s come around so fast. I’ve managed to raise almost £3K thanks to very generous friends and family. I’d like to say I’m fit and ready for next week but I certainly don’t feel it. I seem to be having quite a bad flare up.

The pain that I’ve been in over the past 3 to 4 days has been on another level; absolutely unbearable ( and I can normally deal with pain).

Yesterday evening my left eye suddenly went all funny. I started to see a white blotch and it’s slightly painful but more uncomfortable. It’s still here today and I have a feeling that my optic neuritis is flaring up again.
I need to contact my MS nurse tomorrow to have this confirmed.

I’m sure this bad phase will pass but I really wish it would hurry up and be over with!!

I’m still looking forward to the run, I just need to take it slow as advised by my neurologist.

I look forward to sharing my photos of the run and story with you all next week.

Sorry it’s a short post this week - I’m going to rest my eye and hope it settles down. Xx

Mummy and son shoe snap.

Today I had my appointment with my neurologist. She did her usual checks and then told me that I’m going through a flareup of symptoms. Vision is a little blurred and dotty due to my optic neuritis. Symptoms have been more unbearable than usual due to the hot weather.
She then carried out reflex tests on my left foot as that is a newly diagnosed area. Up to 3/4 of my left foot has lost normal sensation. I have a constant tingling and pins and needles sensation.
As she was talking to me saying that I’m still doing remarkably well as I still work full time - which I wouldn’t change at all; I burst out crying. I just felt so emotional and worried. I thought to myself first it was my arm, hand and spine, then my face and eye - now my foot. What will be next?!

I know there is no point in worrying and stressing about the future; but just for that very second I panicked and cried.

It did actually feel good to cry and let it all out. This time it wasn’t in front of any family. I try not to cry in front of my family now as I need to be strong for them. I feel that if I do it upsets them and that’s the last thing I want. Don’t get me wrong they wouldn’t mind but I do need to be stronger.

After a long emotional day I came home from work; just seeing my son Nico smile at me and give me a hug and a kiss warmed me up inside. For a minute I forgot about my day. That followed by a big hug from hubby and lovely messages from my fab friends, I’m feeling better.

I have my run in 3 weeks time. I am still going to do it but I will take it slow and alternate with walking and running as advised by my neurologist. My cousin brother Shil is going to be running it with me. I have almost raised £2k now so this is definitely motivating me and I will cross that finish line.

I wear red lipstick, a lot and I probably always will. I like adding a splash of colour and also like the contrast of wearing quite plain clothes: lots of blacks, greys and neutrals. Red lipstick just adds a splash of colour to a muted, minimal outfit.

I think red is a beautiful colour, it’s brightening and cheering and I love the injection of colour that red lipstick gives; also the colour red suits me and cheers me up when I’m feeling down – as silly as it sounds!!!

  1. Camera: Samsung GT-I9505
  2. Aperture: f/2.2
  3. Exposure: 1/17th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm

So the Cat is away – the cat being Nico! It’s been 1 week since Nico has been down in Gloucester at my In-laws; he’s gone down for a 2 week holiday. He’s very happy as he’s been getting very loved and spoilt everyday by his auntie Bini and his grandparents. My In-laws are ecstatic as they get to spend time with him; Anish and I also get a break – so everyone is happy.

Nico has been so busy; I get daily updates from my lovely In-laws and Bini. He goes to Cash and Carry nearly everyday, he’s been to see the ducks, the park, had his first trip on a bus, been shopping, been to a wedding in London, he’s been to a farm and seen lots of animals. He’s having a ball!!! We Face time him when he’s free ha-ha

Don’t get me wrong; we are missing him like crazy but we get to have a lie-in and go out for date nights.

 During the time that Nico has been away, Anish and I have been out for several meals, we’ve been to the cinema to see the new Transformers film – which was really good, long but good! We’ve had a lovely night out in Leeds with my cousins – a fair bit of alcohol was also consumed. We have made a shopping trip to Ikea, managed to do a few things around the house and chilled out. :-)

After waiting 3 months for deliveries we finally managed to finish putting our study area together on our 3rd floor landing, so this is where I sit and write my Blog: 

It was also my lovely hubby’s birthday today – Happy Birthday Handsome!!!! We had a chilled out day, we went out to look at some gadgets (his 2nd love – as Nico and I are his 1st!!), went out for lunch. We then came home and I went for a run. It’s only 5 weeks until my run and I’m feeling slightly nervous now.

Last week I managed to run 2 miles in 29 minutes, I was so happy and felt that I had really made an improvement as when I first started training, it would take me 1 hour to run 1 mile. But then you know that saying ‘1 step forward, 2 steps back’ – well that’s exactly what has happened. I’m struggling to do 2 miles again now. I don’t think the heat is helping. Heat use to really make me feel better; but now it just irritates and triggers my MS Symptoms off. My feet and ankles are really spasming and tingling, my left arm feels like I’ve had a whole load on injections and my face just spasms - I am so fatigued, and my eye is hurting due to my optical neuritis.

I know that I’ll be OK on the day of the race as I’ll have so much support from friends and family, I just don’t want to make myself any worse; I am just going to have to take it easy!!! Let’s just hope it’s not this warm on the day of the race!!

My lovely cousin Leana has told me that she’ll be volunteering on the day of the race which is really nice of her.

I’ll keep you all updated on my training as the weeks get closer to the big day!!

Now that Anish and I have had our fair share of eating out; we’ll be back to making some tasty food – or should I say Anish will be!!

When he does – I’ll post the photos and recipes up.


It has been a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend my lovely cousin Neil whom I consider as my little brother got married!! We had two weekends of celebrations. I saw lots of relatives that I haven’t seen for such a long time. It was nice but ever so tiring. I wore sarees on all the days but this time I had to wear kitten heels rather than my high 3-4 inch heels :-(

Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with MS – my days of high heels have gone!! Thankfully my hubby Anish loves me being 5ft 2!

I’m quite glad I wasn’t in my super high heels as Nico was running around everywhere like a hyper cheeky monkey!!!

I managed to take quite a few photos, the funniest one being a family selfie!!!

Le Tour de France

Today was the launch of le Tour de France in sunny Yorkshire. As this is unlikely to happen again, we decided to go and try spectate. By the time we got to Leeds City Centre, there were so many people there; me being short didn’t really help either lol. The atmosphere was great, the weather picked up and we had blue skies and Nico and Anish were happy – which meant I was happy :-)

We then stopped off for a lovely brunch and picked up some nice desserts from


We got home, Nico was napping- so I went for a run. This time I ran 1.7 miles – the furthest I’ve run at the moment. It might not sound far but to me it felt like an achievement. The only thing is my run in August is 3 miles!! I am determined that I will finish the race BUT it will have to be a mixture of walking and running. It’s quite scary how quickly my MS symptoms flare up when I run. Today my left arm and face were spasming so badly. My feet had extra heavy pins and needles – but it’s so worth it. The donations to my Just giving page are really motivating me as I cannot let down everyone that has sponsored me. I am currently just over £1700 now.

If you haven’t sponsored me yet and feel like you want to, please click on the following link:


Whilst I was running, hubby started to prepare our lovely dinner.

He made really tasty ginger, garlic and chilli prawns; Spicy Sweet Potato and Roasted Veggies. It was delicious!!!

Friends Reunions

Since I’ve been diagnosed with MS my life has changed so much. The sad thing is I’ve had friends who are now out of my life- I guess they could never have been true friends? Sometimes things are just meant to happen for a reason?

On the brighter side – I have been back in touch with friends whom I haven’t seen for ages which is so nice.  In fact I’m meeting a friend and her son tomorrow. The boys can play and we can have a long catch-up which I’m really looking forward to. Every cloud and all that!!

On an end note – my home study area will almost be complete after 3 months of waiting! So the  colour theme is orange and black. I received an email from and my desk should be delivered very soon! I will definitely post some photos on here once it’s all done.

So one of my lovely friends Jigna has just launched her company website. She is a professionally trained hair and make-up artist based in London. Jigna has trained with Airbase UK - the countries leading airbrush make-up company. She has also worked on photo shoots for Vanity magazine. She uses leading brands such as MAC, Airbase, Illamasqua, Dior and Kryolan.

Please check out her website by clicking on the following link:


Training continues……..

Training continues……..